Doctoral Programme Overview

BI Norwegian Business School (BI) offers a full-time doctoral programme leading to the title PhD. The PhD programme’s objective is to develop and educate high-potential individuals to conduct cutting-edge research in their respective fields. Completion of the degree leads to careers in academics, business and public service in their field of expertise.

25% of this four year programme consists of a workload administrated by the Department Head. The PhD candidates are involved in lectures, seminars and conferences.

PhD in Brief:

Only highly qualified candidates are admitted into the programme.

The PhD candidates are a selective group hailing from world-class institutions across the globe.

The PhD candidates work closely with the faculty and are involved in on-going research within the department.

PhD courses and seminars are taught by experts in their fields.

A PhD scholarship at BI is in effect a 4 year paid position covering studying and related costs.

The PhD programme is conducted in English.


Doctoral Programmes:

Strategic Management
Leadership and Organisation
Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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Academic reputation

With the Triple Accreditation and a strong ranking by Financial Times, BI can guarantee a high quality and internationally recognised education.

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