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Norway is the northern country in Europe and its natural landscape spans across the vast southern lowlands to the great northeastern mountains. Norway’s rough and natural coastline, as well as the spectacular fjords are also breathtaking features of this Scandinavian country.

Today, Norway is modern and wealthy with a very high standard of living. It’s a safe society with a low crime rate. Norway has an open economy with many international corporations and extensive foreign trade. The country is a world leader in the industries of oil and gas, oil and gas services, renewable energies, telecommunications, high-tech products, fish farming, and in the maritime industries.


Oslo, the capital of Norway, it has more than 600,000 inhabitants, creating a vibrant urban lifestyle with a modern city pulse. Its small enough though to still offer a personal charm and create a safe living environment.

Oslo is a very short flight to cities like London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Being less than 2 hours away makes Oslo a great starting point to explore the rest of Europe.

Oslo is situated between the sea and the mountains, which offer a wide variety of recreational opportunities and cultural activities. Concerts, operas, festivals and other events can be enjoyed throughout the year. There has been recent addition of a new opera house and the harbor area has been rebuilt and modernized reinvigorating the energy of the city with sleek Norwegian design.

Oslo is also the economic and financial center of the country. It is a wealthy city and home to many large companies. Quality education and great job opportunities are also prominent social features.

This safe and friendly city also boasts a high level of English and is traditionally very welcoming to foreigners.



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