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BI Norwegian Business School is located in Oslo, Norway and the campus has an innovative and vast open architecture plan which provides for a highly functional social and academic living environment. The massive structure's only focus is on research and education which makes the location highly conducive for studying. Another feature of the campus is BI’s Nordic-style management. This places all levels of faculty within a streamlined and flat hierarchical system that makes faculty highly accessible to students.

BI with around 20,000 students,it's a big supplier of economic and administrative competence in Norway with more than 280,000 graduates since 1983. BI Norwegian Business School has organized its academic activities into eight separate research departments. BI also has a highly recognized international profile and the faculty participates in extensive international cooperations. The school also has student exchange agreements with more than 200 institutions in 48 different countries. This gives BI’s students excellent opportunities to obtain international experiences and to experience intercultural learning.

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