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Jiamei Zhou


Bachelor of Business Administration

4 Reasons why I chose BI

1. Sustainable business

Oslo is becoming a hub for businesses in green energy and technology. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is highly in focus here, and this gives students a very important competitive advantage in the development of a more sustainable world.


2. Forward-thinking

BI is a business school that keeps up with the times. Its projects and courses are very well designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed in business sectors such as finance, shipping, consulting, and analytics.



3. Business relevant

BI is doing very well in providing a business-like environment at school. It provides a lot of opportunities and resources for students to engage in, and they connect students with the job market.


4. Unique experiences

Norway is a very beautiful country, where you can gain a lot of unique life experiences. I find Norwegian society to be very inclusive, and people here are very warm and friendly.

Eric Kruegermann USA

Bachelors of Business Administration

Build a career

Studying in Norway gives me the opportunity to stand out from a group of applications if I apply for a job abroad. I know that my degree from BI will carry a lot of value and prepare me for any career path in business. BI is an exceptional school filled with great people and fantastic resources to better my education.

Be social

Oslo is an excellent city to live in with friendly residents. One major fresh perspective I gained was that simply being with people is more important than doing something exciting. I have noticed that here in Norway, I value just being with people. I appreciate the time I have with others more.

Lê Ngọc Minh Anh


Master of Science in Finance

There is a solution for everything

One of the things I learned quickly while in Norway was to treasure the sun and days with good weather. Being from a sunny, tropical country, I struggled during my first winter in Norway. However, as Norwegians always say, “There is no bad weather. Just bad clothing”. I learned that there is always a solution for everything, you just need to figure out the right one.


Why you should study at BI

Thanks to BI I’ve developed skills that are transferable to a wide range of business tasks and disciplines. I would strongly recommend studying at BI for the student diversity, high quality professors and their focus on real business challenges. And for the many lessons you’ll learn from the Norwegian culture; sustainability, work-life balance, equality and that there is a solution for everything.



MSc in Strategic Marketing Management

BI opens up a world of opportunities

Living in Norway and studying at BI open up so many opportunities, especially through networking. I’ve expanded my network by meeting many international and Norwegian students, which allows me to find opportunities in Norway and elsewhere.


I particularly enjoyed attending events with the King and Prince of Norway!


Studying at BI creates many doorways to Norway and the world!

Norway has taught me about diversity and respect

Norwegian culture made me realise that things can be made better with togetherness and supporting others in what they do, which simultaneously improves the individual.


This mentality has pushed me to not only improve myself in my studies, but also to learn the Norwegian language, traditions and culture.

Sara Trajchevska Macedonia

MSc in Finance

Who wouldn’t want to live in one of the world’s most egalitarian countries?

The reasons why I chose Norway were:


Equality, work-life balance, democracy, equal opportunity and sustainability.


Fjords, mountains, waterfalls and polar bears - spending time in the magical nature is the perfect way to battle stress!


Safety and a high quality of life - Norwegians are content with what they have, value their culture and strive to improve.

Low unemployment rate, which is important for master students who want a job after graduation.

At BI I’ve learned… be more well-rounded and self-driven. be proactive, adaptable and a critical thinker. think outside the box, spot what others miss and see the bigger picture.

Jarrod Carmichael Trinidad and Tobago

MSc in Business Analytics


The quality of the programmes and professors at BI is very high. The programmes are designed in such a way that it is easy to go either straight into the workforce or on to a PhD and continue in academia. This was important for me since I was considering both options.

Added value

The facilities, classrooms, group rooms that are available are second-to-none. You have everything you need to thrive in student life both academically and socially. BI has a great selection of extracurricular activities for those who have interests outside of the classroom.

Meagan Leber USA

MSc in Strategic Marketing Management

Career: Great opportunities, well matched with BI

The opportunities in Norway are unmatched. Tech, startups, renewable energy! And the internships BI offers really gets your foot in the door with local companies.


The education at BI is theoretically rigorous, yet practical, bridging the academia-practitioner gap. I now have a stellar internship and hope to remain in Norway for many years to come!

Culture: Fresh perspectives on community 

Coming from a competitive culture, I tended to be more individualistic before. I also was (potentially still am) a bit workaholic. Norwegians value community. Norway has really forced me to slow down and think more about others (the community). This has been both great for my work-life balance as well as my empathetic development!

Gabriel Le Gall France

Master of Science in Finance

Why I loved studying at BI

The academic experience at BI was awesome! To me, the professors were especially amazing due to how they helped broaden my academic perspective, as well as gain new fresh ones. They were open to discussing a wide range of topics outside of class, and they were more than willing to help me learn new concepts in more detail. BI and the professors really make sure you have all the knowledge available so that you can excel in your studies.

Norway - beautiful nature and cultural learning

My hobby is photography and Oslo offered such a diverse range of landscapes to capture on camera - whether it was the sea in the South or the mountains and forests in the North. I also got to experience the beautiful scenery through many trips with the student association.


Nataliia Petromanova Russia

MSc in Finance

The importance of balance

The aspect of the Norwegian culture that I appreciate the most is work-life balance. I’ve learned how important it is to have that balance, which I’ve cherished ever since I started my full-time job here in Norway.

Thinking about my years at BI puts a smile on my face

The sleepless nights preparing for exams and assignments with my wonderful friends.


Learning from so many bright students and knowledgeable professors.


The unique environment of competitiveness and togetherness.

Max Trautwein Germany

MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology

The Norwegian lifestyle made me stay

Norwegians are good at appreciating life, free time and hobbies. Coming from a more competitive culture, I learned that work is not everything and that you have to appreciate the little things.


I learned to love this lifestyle, so I decided to stay. Once you find out it’s normal to leave work at 4 pm in order to go skiing or swimming, it’s hard to go back!

What made BI so great?

I got my job at Accenture one year before graduation thanks to the amazing networking opportunities while studying at BI.


At BI I made many diverse and interesting friends who gave me fresh perspectives and with whom I shared many great moments.


I’ve spent some of the best years of my life in Oslo, and I don’t see me moving back anytime soon!

Andra Vasilescu Romania

Risk Management Analyst,
Statoil ASA

MSc in Financial Economics

Why BI?

Having a wide range of options after graduation was a very important factor in deciding to come here.

Why Norway?

Norway has a great educational system focused on research and innovation. I was also keen on developing international skills and mindset.

After Graduation

After graduation, Andra started working for Statoil as a Risk Management Analyst in the Corporate Risk Department. The department is responsible for quantifying Statoil’s total risk exposure along the value chain and for developing a consistent enterprise risk management framework.

Liza Nienova Ukraine

Consulting Analyst
in PA Consulting Group

MSc in Business

Why BI?

Liza has been a high performing student since middle school. Her academic achievements resulted in a scholarship which funded her studies at BI.

Why Norway?

“Think hard about what out you want out of life and choose the educational pathway that will best help you realize your dream… Now I’ve achieved everything I’ve wanted to,” says Liza.

After Graduation

After graduation, Liza was offered a job with PA Consulting, one of Scandinavia’s leading independent management consultancies. A consultant’s job primarily entails helping companies to resolve the challenges they face and to realize the best options, often across different fields as well as different industries.

Nick Edward

Business Analyst,
Wilhelmsen Ships Service

BBA (Finance) and MSc in Business Economics

Why BI?

Nick was set to inherit a local business from his father in Tanzania. He did his research and decided BI was the best platform for students to master business management, financial, and analytical skills.

Why Norway?

Nick urges others to utilize the great quality of education. “Take advantage of it all, the great facilities and teaching staff with strong support from the faculties together gives a solid overall academic structure with good connections to businesses and institutions.”

After Graduation

After graduation, Nick landed a job a Wilhelmsen Ships Service in Norway. It was a comprehensive process to get the job and Nick is thankful for the experience and knowledge he received at BI. “I had to go through a series of intense aptitude test, interviews and one-on-one case interviews. But through the stuff I learnt at BI, I was able to get the job.”

Yiding Zhang China

Global Finance and HR Trainee, DNV GL

MSc in Business

Why BI?

Yiding chose BI Norwegian Business School based on its good reputation, particularly in the field of finance. She enjoyed the student life in Norway so much that she started working for the Norwegian company DNV GL.

Why Norway?

With regards to her time in Norway, “The varied and comprehensive programme gave me good knowledge and competence when facing different tasks within accounting, finance, HR and much more. I also have to be open minded, flexible and havegood communication skills. Thankfully, I got all this at BI,” she explains.

After Graduation

After graduation, Yiding’s internship experience while at BI led to a job at DNV GL’s Global Management Trainee Programme. As a Global Finance and HR Trainee, her surroundings often change. She works all over the world with different departments of her company and she encounters a wide specter of tasks throughout her work week. As a BI MSc in Business Alumni Yiding is very happy with her choice of both programme and school.


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